Jatek LLC is full service international freight logistic company delivering first-class supply chain solutions and third party logistics services since 2001.

At Jatek LLC, we pride as the “SPEED OF BUSINESS” as we offer a comprehensive range of end-to-end supply chain services and solutions that can be completely tailored to meet our customer’s individual requirements and service expectations. 

Our years of pan industry experience has engineered our team’s innovative approach to managing the dynamics of a modern and seamless supply chain in line with unique needs of the particular industry we are serving or service situation at hand.

Jatek LLC are professionals at identifying opportunities to make the logistics strategies of our clients work better to give their business the speed, savings and advantage required to scale their business. 

Going by our years of experience, Jatek LLC has invested vastly in building extensive international logistics network that presents our clientele with significant commercial opportunities, enabling them save cost and time when using our services.

Jatek LLC in collaboration with partners within and outside the United States of America (USA), offers unique and customized end-to-end trade solutions that are not available in the mainstream transport and logistics sector. 

We are committed to industry wide research and development to continue rendering to our clients high end and innovative logistic solutions that allows them to remain competitive in a dynamic market environment.

AT Jatek LLC, our innovative approach to serving our clients allows us to understand in details the unique needs of our clients in line with their budget making a substantial difference for their business with emphasis on how our service impacts on their overall operational efficiencies. 

Using the right combination of our skills, systems, technologies and people, and our in depth understanding of the trajectory of the global supply chain industry and how our businesses are requirements and expectations of our customer’s industry, we are currently adding great value to our clients around the world.