Distribution Information Management Systems (DIMS)

To run a successful distribution system, the methodologies and technologies deployed to capture, organize and manage information (data) is of the essence. To consolidate operational productivity, we are creating a digital platform with our partners called the Jatek Distribution Information Management Systems (DIMS), which will provide our management with eagle eye capabilities over all operations with the Jatek client network.

The Jatek Distribution Information Management Systems (DIMS) will be developed using android and web applications to provide holistic access solutions for management at all levels, thus it has been designed with a bouquet of highly specialized applications created to integrate the entire operations of the group and the work our people do on a day to day basis.

The Jatek Distribution Information Management Systems (DIMS) is made up of applications such as:

My Store

This application offers customers (associates) a simple digital point of sale interface to manage their sales, returns, inventory, expenses and other cash transactions on a day to day basis. The interface also comes with an instant messaging that allows text, multimedia and voice.

With internet signal provided using a data enabled Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) card gotten from a local telecommunication company (Telco), the terminal transmits real time data of in store transactions that feeds into the control panels at our head office, thus allowing the All Hours management to make better decisions on how to manage customers (associates).

All Transactions involving cash exchange are treated as a credit to the All Hours Management account and a debit to the customer (associates) account. This means that for the customer (associates) to operate he/she will have to credit the Jatek clients outlet account created to handle all financial transactions involving the outlet by visiting a bank to deposit the cash collected for transactions done.

With an established transaction credit limit, customer (associates) operating an outlet account can only make transactions to the tune of what they have previously deposited in to the Jatek management account which will be converted into transaction credit to enable the continuation of all cash transactions.

In the event of exhausting their transaction credit, customer (associates) will experience GATING on the outlet account making it impossible to make any more transaction until they have made the deposits of cash collected from previous transactions, thus any cash transactions done outside the system will be considered a criminal act and will be treated in the same manner.

Jatek Interactive Store (I-Store)

This application is built into a self-service android pad that gives customers (associates) the ability to sell products that are dispensed through Tokens, Private Identification Numbers (PINs), One Time Codes (OTC) e.g. electricity bills, utilities, financial inclusion services, airtime recharge, examination scratch cards, tax payments, insurance etc.

The pad are to be conspicuously mounted with the outlet to allow buyers free access to the device, either using their Jatek Debit card or Cards from other financial institutions.

In the instance of a cash transaction, the buyer can initiate the transaction using the I-Store self-service pad and he/she makes the required payment to our customer (associates) who then uses out My store account which is linked to the I-Store in her outlet to authorize the transactions by simply requesting a token, which can only be generated when he/she (customer (associates) has uploaded the cash exchange made for the said transactions the outlet My store accounts.

Go to Market

This segment of the Distribution Information Management System (DIMS) is a digital clearing and forwarding house designed primarily to coordinate the demand and supply of goods and services within the Jatek retail network. Our customers (associates) in a bid to get their supplies, which will be prompted by an automated advisory issued by their Mystore account, will have to send in their orders through the GoToMarket platform. Before the distribution office through the platform, receives the orders an automated verification of the ordering customers (associates) accounts is done to ascertain the eligibility of order as well as availability of funds for the transaction initiated by the ordering customers (associates).

The platform will provide an automated advisory to the distribution office that must make the final decision on the order – either to authorize the order or to decline the order.

With the platform, human related errors associated with orders will be greatly reduced if not completely eliminated and orders can be handled in a timely and efficient manner.

Once a decision is reached by the distribution office, a communique is issued on the platform authorizing the order providing the ordering customers (associates) with instant authorization notification, which is the only ticket required to move goods out of our warehouses or from any of our holding facilities.     

Ready to Supply (RTS)

This segment of the Distribution Information Management System (DIMS) has been designed to foster a productive relationship between our Distribution office and our suppliers. Through this platform, our suppliers are provided with a digital trading centre through which to advertise their goods and services directly to our management. With this important segment, we will greatly improve our sourcing practices, making our suppliers more proactive and productive, which is crucial to make receipts and payments for supplies a seamless process that complements our business strategies and guarantee the returns on investments in our business.

On the Move

This segment of the Distribution Information Management Systems (DIMS) has been designed as a fleet management platform that allows the distribution office track the goods in transit through our logistics program – Line Haul – Regional Centre and Last Miles.

This segment is vital as it will enable us to boost the quality assurance, safety and security practices around the merchandise we sell. Through this segment, we gain more insights into cost requirements for logistics, management of assets, human capital development and economics of scale that we can leverage to make our business more predictable, profitable and sustainable. 

Value to Value

This segment of the Distribution Information Management Systems (DIMS) is designed to provide our customers (associates), suppliers and the management of the Jatek to settle their accounts – Payments for Goods, Rebates, Incentives, Loan issue or repayment, License fees, franchise fees, profit and loss accounts and Balance sheets reconciliation etc.

With the size of distribution operation of Jatek, it is essential that we manage effectively the huge cash flow generated from the multiple, recurring and simultaneous transactions in operating our business, day in and day out.

This segment allows us to monitor credit transactions and strictly monitor repayments with water tight financial controls, reducing corporate fraud or financial misappropriation to the barest minimum, if not completely eliminate them.

This segment will leverage our financial technologies and infrastructures created to support our card services and related financial inclusion services.


This segment of the Distribution Information Management Systems (DIMS) is designed to provide suppliers who are beneficiaries of the Supplier development fund, a digital dashboard to manage their access to the assets provided by the fund for the growth and development of their businesses.  

The information gathered from this segment is used to define current and future use of assets of the funds in line with our supplier development goals and objectives going forward and reaching out to the overall goals for business growth and sustainability across the Jatek.